Since I was 10 years old, I've been interested in breathing techniques, meditation, and self-hypnosis. What started as a hobby to handle some poor thinking patterns and psychological abuse became an obsession as I got older. 

In my early 20's I became increasingly interested in using these tools to improve emotional well-being and emotional intelligence. For a short time I became a certified hypnotherapist, authored the book "Influential Bodylanguage", and delivered around 100 presentations across the West Coast.

Now I am working to teach others how to reduce stress, become more emotionally resilient and more emotionally intelligent through guided meditations and breathing techniques. 

I'm also training to become an ultramarathon runner and using that struggle to pressure test new concepts about stress management and resiliance. 

A Few Places I Have Presented 

Many people are terrible at managing their emotional and mental state. When it's time to give a presentation stress and mental chatter about what other people will think overwhelm them. After a hard conversation with a dissatisfied customer they are annoyed and running through a laundry list of witty things they wish they could have said. This sort of reactivity is normal but one commonality I've noticed about the top performers I've met is their ability to manage their own state. 

I first noticed this problem in myself when I was 18 as a college freshman. From growing up with an emotionally abusive father I had started to become chronically anxious, depressed and introverted. I just didn't have the tools to pull myself out of negative spirals of thought and emotion. Things came to a head when I was 21 and I knew I had to do whatever it took to learn techniques to become someone who could manage my stress and mood and improve my then lacking emotional intelligence. 

The ramifications of not being able to manage stress and create states which drive action are more than just a low grade stress. Over the course of a lifetime chronic stress can do increase your risk of having a heart attack, certain types of mental illnesses, substance abuse, and social withdrawal. The inability to manage your mood (emotional disregulation) can damage relationships due to unpredictability and decrease productivity. If someone is volatile enough they are even classified as having borderline personality disorder! As a result of this stress and emotional reactivity, emotional intelligence and social skills suffer. Stress actually turns off the social parts of the brain and inner emotional volatility reduces your ability to empathize by feeling others moods or be charismatic by making your own mood attractive. 

I offer in person workshops at innovative organizations which teach teams how to use guided meditations and breathing techniques to minimize stress, manage emotional and mental state, and become more emotionally intelligent.

I firmly believe that simultaneously changing habitual thoughts, breathing patterns, and actions is the best way to create massive change. 


Guided Meditations 

With my background in hypnotherapy and meditation it only made sense to start using many of the same techniques and ideas of both to help people quickly and easily access memories, emotions, and states of mind which are useful to them in their day to day lives. Some benefits of my guided meditations are: 

  • Change autopilot responses that are beyond our conscious control. 
  • Reduce fear of public speaking, sales calls and presentations, etc.
  • Increase learning speed and retention 

Breathing Techniques

Breathing might seem incredibly simple and unworthy of thought but there are huge benefits from conscious breathing practice. Conscious breathing actually sends signals to our brain to recruit more of our brains social centers through a nerve called the Vagus. Through rhythmic breathing we can also improve our emotional flexibility through improving our heart rate variability (how much your heart speeds up and slows down as you breathe in and out) And the best part is that the techniques you will learn can be practiced while sitting in a meeting, on a phone call, or commuting.

Over the next 5 years I am going to produce valuable videos on breathwork and guided meditations on YouTube and Facebook to reach as many people I can with useful free techniques. I am going to take my bimonthly, 16 week breath-work workshop series into 20 local businesses looking to offer their staff the tools to: manage stress, attack their work in relaxed and attentive moods, and be more socially engaged as a result of better emotional health. Also I'm currently donating time to a local youth group and looking to do much more of that!

Ultimately I would like to standardize my workshops enough to hire and train workshop presenters, a video marketer, and a full time sales person/account manager. I'm most excited about the possibility of building a company on an Ethos similar to Tom's shoes; where every corporate training sponsors sharing the same breathing and mindset tools with local youth groups. 

My vision is to reach 1,000,000 people with free and paid online and in person workshops by 1/1/2023

What people are already saying 

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